Step out of the shadows and into the light! Dee has transformed her once unfulfilled, gloomy past into a bright shining beacon of love and happiness. In 2012, overweight and titter-tottering on the verge of a serious depression, Dee decided to take up yoga in the hopes of distracting herself from her current state of being, but what she discovered was something much more profound.


As her practice evolved, she could feel her heart open, her mind become more aware, her body become stronger, and her spirit soar to new depths of existence.


Dee is current owner of YogaGypsy and has completed her 500-hour teacher certification under Teri Honeysuckle. When she is not on her mat or in the studio, you can find her outside hiking around in the woods, in her kayak, or practicing SUP (stand up paddle board) yoga on Beaver Lake. Dee admits that her strong connection to nature, paired with regular yoga practice is the reason why she is here today to share this beautiful practice with the rest of the world!



Certified 500RYT, Retreat Leader, Yoga Gypsy Owner

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Teri Lynn Honeysuckle

Certified 500ERYT, Retreat Leader, Yoga Gypsy Founder

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Teri's first yoga class was in 2003 and it was Love at first Down Dog! Over the past decade, Teri has opened two studios, taught thousands of classes, lead several international yoga retreats as well as 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings. Her style is influenced by Baron Baptiste, Philip Urso, Deborah Williamson and Stacey Dockins. Teri's classes will challenge and inspire you to honor your body and live your best life!

"Look within and set yourself free. Vinyasa is Life!" ~ Honeysuckle

"Applying the philosophical principles of yoga in a practical way totally changed the way I thought about myself and the way I relate to others. These sessions are more like a personal yoga teacher training! I have worked with so many people that I can easily tailor your session to fit your current needs. If you want a new perspective on your life and want to feel more empowered, come see me!" ~ Honeysuckle

Teri is the founder of YogaGypsy studio and school and is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 500ERYT level, she has been teaching yoga for 10 years, trained over 30 yoga teachers and has been trained in hypnotherapy. Teri spent two months working and learning at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California studying meditation, creative writing and improv. Teri has also lead international retreats and corporate team building events with Saatchi & Saatchi X and the Ronald McDonald House. Teri is currently enrolled at the University of Arkansas to receive her Master's Degree in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling.

Scheduling Info: Thursday, Friday, or Saturday afternoons from 12-5 


Danielle Ribaudo

Certified 200RYT

Danielle’s curiosity of holistic studies, both of the physical and energetic realms began at a young age. Being inspired by her mother they would share books on spirituality and natural healing. Feeling supported to explore her passions she took courses at Scottsdale Community College on energy healing modalities which focused on balancing and cleansing the aura using Therapeutic Touch.

In 2008 she deepened her yoga practice and completed her 200hour Yoga Teacher Training at Southwest Institue of Healing Arts in Arizona. Since then she has lived all over the U.S. and has had the opportunity to study with many amazing teachers along her travels. This has aided her to develop a style that pulls from various yogic backgrounds ranging in traditions from Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara, Iyenagar, Yoga Therapy, and Meditation.

In her class you will play with pranayama, and kriya. You’ll dance through a dynamic blend of asana that focuses on alignment with a strong guidance of breath. Be prepared to challenge yourself. However, most importantly to keep your heart light throughout your practice and allow space for laughter as you explore within. This practice is a lifetime and forever evolving. Danielle’s goal as a teacher is to create a space where you too can feel supported as you observe your relationship with the self, and open up to the endless possibilities as we transform to greatness together.



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Meet Jordan Workman, 23 years of age, and has been practicing yoga for a little over 3 years! Her practice began with high hopes and dreams of being able to balance on her hands, stand on her head, and to be able to perform all advanced poses. So she started her practice at home with a cheap mat, yoga block, and a ‘yoga for beginner's’ book from the 1970's that was given to her from a friend. 

For the next two years, her practice consisted of looking at poses on Instagram and then twisting her body uncomfortably until it looked as though she was replicating them.

She took a yoga class here and there, but nothing ever clicked and therefore she never returned. January 2016 came along and all those feelings changed. She bought the 20 days unlimited for $20 class pass at YogaGypsy, all thanks to a friend staying on her booty to sign up. She left her pride and ego outside of the gypsy doors, and fell in love. Not just with the studio, but the energy it held, the people who practiced there, the teachers, and most importantly she was finally starting to fall in love with herself. A year later the opportunity arose to sign up for teacher training. She was TERRIFIED!!! She hated public speaking, but was VERY interested in learning more about the practice she had ended up falling in love with.


May 2017 she received her 200 hour teacher training certification, and not even a month later she was so, SO thrilled to be asked to join the team. YogaGypsy will ALWAYS have such a special and wonderful place in her heart. One of her intentions as an instructor is to help others experience and unlock ties and feelings that we all experience with each of our own practices; inspiring others to appreciate the hard and ugly moments that can appear every day off of our mats, just as much as the other extremities. Magic happens on your mats, meet her there! For questions or concerns her email is

Teacher (200RYT)


Karlee Owens

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Certified 200RYT

Growing up, Karlee was never know as the "athletic type." She tried variations of workouts to realize none fit her just right, until she attended her first yoga class in 2014. What started out as a "fun workout" soon became a spiritual, mindful practice. Her practice evolved into one of feeling connected deeply to the Spirit within herself. 


She started the journey of completing her yoga certification in January 2017 under Teri Honeysuckle & received her 200HR certification in May 2017. This experience has changed her life forever! Her class will leave you feeling refreshed & free. Her energetic teaching style will pump you up in mind & spirit! You'll be challenged to take what you learn on your mat to the real world, to help you grow in ways you've never experienced before. Karlee will lead you into a space of getting out of your mind & into the present moment in what she calls "practicing the present." When not on her mat, you can find her working on a hand embroidery project & hanging out with her husband & beloved pup, Lexi. 


Cecely Clark

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Cecely Clark has taught yoga for about 5 years, and has practiced for around 10. She certified with Yahwehyoga in Phoenix, Arizona. She has had experience teaching here in the States to a variety of students of different backgrounds, skills, and ability levels. She also taught yoga to lots of Chinese ladies when she lived in China. She is very grounded in the basic asana and proper and safe alignment; she knows how to encourage you to honor your body and pay attention to what it is telling you, today.