These can be done in 90 minutes as a talk or as whole weekend retreat

for a more in depth personal experience

The Compassion Technique

Compassion is essential to personal growth and is the antithesis of self-help. In this course, you will learn on-the-go mindfulness tips that won’t take any time out of your busy day to practice but will result in a huge perspective shift in your life and relationships.

Somatic Secrets

Based on Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, this course explains how stress and anxiety impact your nervous system and their effects on your body. Research shows that over 90% of autoimmune diseases are caused by prolonged exposure to stress. Learn how to interrupt the process and take charge of your health. Some gentle physical movement is incorporated into this course.

The Mindful Relationship

Mindfulness is a buzzword these days, but what exactly is it? Develop the awareness and language required to change how you approach your life. This course will explore how to practically apply mindfulness in a way that changes how your see yourself, your life and positively impact your relationships with others.

Connect To Creativity

Conscious thinking leads to confusion whereas creativity leads to illumination and intuition. Creativity is an energy you can train yourself to find, feel and return to at will. This course will encourage and educate you on what it means to step out of struggle and live in the flow of creativity.

**Any of these courses could include yoga and be a valuable addition to any yoga teacher training program**